Comparative Essay Writing: Recommendations For Newbies

One of the most common forms of academic writing projects in college is a comparative essay. This is highly incisive form of writing where you are given two subjects to analyze. The objective of the project is to bring out similarities and differences in these two subjects and in the process get more insight in a particular topic.

Working with Writing Experts
Truth be told, it is a very involving task and many students prefer working with a pro essay writing service. This project will no doubt take a lot of your time and this is a scarce resource in school. Many students end up plagiarizing and suffering penalties.
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Other Comparative Essay Writing Tips for Newbies
In addition to working with these professionals, there are some other basic tips that can help a lot in comparative essay writing. These include:

  1. Understanding the Requirements
  2. It might sound like an obvious thing but most students rush to the task without thought about the rubric. You might have read a similar essay or indeed you have an idea about the two subjects you are writing about but this is not enough. Go through the project rubric with a fine tooth comb and make sure you understand every detail. This is the only way to compose a winning comparative essay.

  3. Frame Of Reference
  4. It is a critical consideration for this type of project and entails the context you put the subjects under review. Your frame of reference may consist of a question, theme, problem, or idea. In essence, you are picking the tow subjects from group. This is what gives you grounds for comparison. You can use community service essay examples to get an idea of how expert writers lay don’t the grounds for comparison for their essays.

  5. Organize Your Research
  6. It is important to carry out intense research on both subjects first. Use a piece of paper and divide it into two. Write everything you find out about both subjects on respective columns. Below your findings, summarize all similarities and differences.

  7. Formulate A Thought-Provoking Thesis
  8. A thesis is still required in your paper and in this case, it will give a gist of your argument giving the reader an idea why these two things are being compared. It is a glimpse into your essay’s objectives. If you are stumped at this stage, go ahead and read several essay writing service reviews to identify a good company to seek help from.

  9. Organizing Your Paper
  10. You have to organize your paper in such a way that the reader easily picks out your main ideas. The best format is the mixed paragraphs where you pick out one item and discuss how it is similar or different in the two subjects. In your conclusion, you have to restate your thesis and support it using the discussion from the findings.

It is an involving task and if you are pressed for time or have no idea how to get started, it is advisable to check out college essay review service and find a reliable essay writing service to work with.

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